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How to deal with the air leakage phenomenon of water inflatable toys?


Water inflatable toys are inflatable amusement equipment, air leakage is inevitable. Air leakage is divided into two types: safe air leakage and dangerous air leakage. Many people don’t know these well, so let’s teach you. How to deal with the air leakage phenomenon of water inflatable toys.

Safe air leakage is the proper air leakage of water inflatable toys. It is a normal phenomenon and an inevitable air leakage phenomenon. This kind of air leakage is usually a self-protection of water inflatable equipment, and it is also a kind of self-protection for some surrounding objects. protect. Dangerous air leakage means that there is a large amount of air leakage in the water inflatable equipment. At this time, it is necessary to find the cause of the air leakage early, because a large amount of air leakage will threaten the safety of children playing on it, and as long as the safety aspect is involved, nothing is allowed. Slack.

Dangerous air leakage is a large amount of air leakage caused by the inflatable equipment exceeding its own demand, which may cause it to be unable to use it or even damage the surrounding objects. It is necessary to detect whether the water inflatable toy is damaged. Once this situation is discovered, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, stop using it, and repair and repair the water inflatable toy to prevent injury to the user.

When buying, we should also pay attention to the joint and paste of the product. You can slightly pull and fold to see if it will leak or loosen. You can also wipe the external materials with your hands to observe whether there is discoloration or degumming, and to sense the thickness of the material. After checking the above content, we should also smell the pungent smell of the inflatable pool.

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