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What types of water inflatable toys are there?
Addtime: 2021-09-14

water inflatable toys

Water inflatable toys are all kinds of inflatable toys for children to use in shallow water where they will not lose their feet. They are generally made of soft polyvinyl chloride film (PVC plastic film). Generally divided into two categories, namely water toys (swimming ring, floating bed, mount) and swimming equipment (seat ring, buoyancy suit, floating board) and so on.

The thickness is not up to the standard: the thickness is too thin and it is easy to be scratched by rough and sharp nails, rings and other objects, causing air leakage, which can not carry the person's weight, and there is a risk of drowning. The sealing performance is not up to standard: Affected by factors such as the firmness of the joints, the sealing performance will be easy to leak during use, and there is a risk of drowning. Buoyancy and residual buoyancy are not up to standard: Insufficient buoyancy will be unable to carry a person's weight while floating on the water, and drowning is prone to occur. Stability is not up to standard: Poor stability can easily cause children to fall into the water and drown. The height of the valve plug and the connection strength are not up to standard: First, the valve plug is designed to be too high and it is easy to pinch the fragile parts such as the eyes; second, the valve plug is easily broken into small objects and swallowed by children. Excessive levels of harmful migratory chemical elements: Toxic and harmful migratory chemical elements are excessively ingested by children through skin contact, eating and biting, etc., which will endanger the development and health of children.

Look at the product label and warning label: do not buy "three noes" products; touch the product structure and stitching situation: choose a large size, thicker texture, more airbags (two or more), good stability (deep base), Products with uniform joints and effective welds; smell: judge whether there is a pungent odor; check whether there is air leakage in the gas nozzle and other places, and whether the film is strong. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the product when purchasing, it is also necessary to strengthen daily inspection and care during normal use. Before each use of inflatable water toys, check to ensure that the toys will not leak air or loose valve plugs.

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