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How to choose a baby swimming ring
Addtime: 2021-09-14


1 The model of the baby swimming ring. When choosing a swimming ring for your baby, pay attention to choosing the right model. Generally, the baby swimming ring is divided into three different models: small, medium, and large. The small size is suitable for babies born to 3 months old. For babies, the medium size is suitable for babies from 3-7 months old, and the large size is suitable for babies over 8 months old and weighing more than 20 kg;

2 The material of the baby swimming ring is also very important. The material must meet the standards of medical equipment so as not to cause irritation to the baby's skin;

3 Pay attention to check whether the surface is smooth and will not cause harm to the baby. Choose the one with fine workmanship and no burrs, so that it will not scratch the baby's skin;

4 The color of the baby swimming ring is better not too gorgeous, and the color is softer, which is more suitable for the baby's visual nerve, and will not stimulate the baby's vision and affect the visual development;

5 There is a special mandibular inner groove, which plays a fixed and protective role for the baby's mandible and prevents the baby from slipping off;

6Requires safe, non-slip and adjustable magic buckles, each with buckles on the top and bottom, can firmly fix the baby swimming ring, prevent the baby from loosening the baby swimming ring buckle during exercise, and the baby will slip into the water from the baby swimming ring. Adjusted according to the size of the baby's neck circumference, so that the baby's neck is comfortably supported by the baby's swimming ring;

7 Baby swimming laps should be designed with multiple airbags, and the common ones on the market are generally double-airbag baby swimming laps. And there must be a separate inflation nozzle, so that even if one of the airbags leaks, it can ensure that there is enough air to support the baby and ensure the baby's safety;

8 Anti-leakage valve: The anti-leakage nozzle used in the baby swimming ring, if the nozzle is not covered or the nozzle cover is accidentally opened, the baby's swimming ring will not leak light suddenly;

9 Look at the brand of baby swimming ring. There are many brands of baby swimming ring on the market, and the quality is uneven. It is easy to be deceived. It is necessary to choose products from well-known baby swimming ring manufacturers to ensure quality and safety.

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