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How to choose inflatable toys correctly?
Addtime: 2021-09-14

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1. Speaking of raw materials: children's inflatable toys are made of polyvinyl chloride film (commonly known as PVC) through processing.

2. Check of airtightness: The key to the quality of inflatable toys is its sealing function, so the first thing to check for quality is to check whether there is air leakage. Uninflated toys should be flattened, and the printed pictures should be clear and beautiful, whether the color of the main parts can be accurately aligned, and whether there are stains and yellowing on the surface. The welding between each piece of film should be uniform, excellent melting, no wrinkles and bumps, and there should be no significant desoldering. Gently rubbing the surface of the film with your fingers should show no signs of discoloration. Investigate that the welding seam near the gas nozzle should be well sealed, and the cooperation between the gas nozzle plug and the gas nozzle should be relatively tight and not too loose. Investigate the stuffed toy against the lights, and you shouldn't find any foreign objects or shadows inside.

3. Fill with air. After being filled with air by a pump or other methods, the toy should show a plump appearance and be able to stand steadily on the table without being messy. Some toys may require a center of gravity, and the skew should not be significant after adjustment. The appearance of the inflated toy should be flat without significant depressions and wrinkles. Press the toy lightly with your hand, and place the air mouth near your ear. You should not hear the air leak. After inflating, let the toy stick to a standing position for 5 minutes, and investigate whether it is significantly deformed or unstable in standing. When the above check is normal, you can pull out the air nozzle plug and let the toy deflate naturally. If you don't press the toy with your hand, the air inside should be able to hold a part of it instead of venting it out in a while.

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