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Features of inflatable bed


Features of inflatable bed:

1. The inflatable bed occupies a small area and is convenient to carry; it is comfortable, can realize the close integration of the bed and the human body, and is beneficial to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. After use, let out the air, it is about the same size as a normal household mattress, and the weight is very light, so it can be carried in a bag. The inflatable bed has a moisture-proof function. Because its material is made of high-quality rubber, no bed frame is needed when the inflatable bed is opened, and it can be used directly on the ground.

2. The inflatable bed has a wide range of applications. It can be used when you go out to work, move frequently, camp in the wild, swim or take a temporary rest at work. However, the air permeability of the air bed is poor, and the air permeability of the air bed is poor. The air bed is made of pvc material, and its air permeability is very poor.

3. The use of the inflatable bed is also very simple. The inflatable bed can be inflated immediately after it is bought back, but it can be used after 8 hours of inflating, because the tension and seam inside the air bed require a buffering process; 2 before the new bed Use it every day, try not to get enough gas. The air bed will be a little loose after one time of inflation. This is normal. The material of the air bed is somewhat elastic. After the inflation is completed, it will swell and become soft before feeling slack. Just re-inflate to achieve the desired effect, but don’t cheer. Oversatisfied.

4. Sleeping on an inflatable bed will do more harm than good if there are no objects on it, and it may also be prone to rheumatism. For children who are still in the period of physical growth and development, using an inflatable bed will cause poor development or poor bone growth. Easily affected by high temperature, the inflatable bed is easily affected by high temperature and becomes airless or soft. In general, inflatable beds are fine for young people to sleep for a short time, and children and the elderly should not sleep.

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