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Correct use of inflatable pool
Addtime: 2021-09-14


For the operation method of inflating the inflatable pool, it is recommended to use a household electric air pump to inflate. Generally, it only takes 1-3 minutes, which saves time, effort and worry. After use, it can also be used to vent the air in the inflatable pool to facilitate the storage of the inflatable pool.

1. The principle of water injection, pay special attention to the water level required to be placed in the pool, and the height is controlled to 2/3 to prevent product deformation and damage. After the water injection is completed, cover the dust cover and connect all the middle fork buckles to prevent other debris from entering the pool and causing water pollution.

2. After selecting the site, straighten out the inflatable pool without wrinkles, find the inflatable valve, open the inflatable valve to connect to the air inlet of the inflatable pump, inflate the pool, wait until the pool is fully supported, remove the inflatable pump, and screw on the valve Stuffed. What needs to be reminded is that the gas is not easy to charge too much, how do you know whether the inflation level is OK?

Here are two verification methods for you, one is the pressure gauge detection, the inflation pressure must not exceed 15Kpa; the other is the manual detection, that is, the air column can be squeezed and retracted by about 1 cm with both hands. Do not inject water immediately after inflation. First observe whether there is air leakage. If there is no air leakage, then you can fill the pool with water.

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