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How should the swimming ring be used?
Addtime: 2021-09-14


The swimming ring is similar to the lifebuoy and is used in the water. Blowing on the air, the swimming ring has buoyancy. It's all air inside. Put it on your waist and then jump into the water. The swimming ring can be used to assist in learning to swim. The swimming ring is suitable for children and the younger generation. Let’s learn more about the swimming ring with the editor below.

How should the swimming ring be used?

1. Remove the white cock before inflating. After inflating, make sure that the cock is inserted correctly and completely. Do not remove the cock when using it.

2. When children use the swimming ring, they must be looked after by an adult.

3. At a certain time, the expansion of inflatable toys will gradually shrink. Before continuing to play, be sure to re-inflate and reach saturation.

4. Before playing with this toy, make sure that there are no sharp objects or objects around or on the ground.

5. Children's swimming ring. It is dangerous for two children to play together, so it is not recommended for two children to play together.

6. The inflatable swimming ring cannot be over-inflated.

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