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How should I buy a swimming ring?
Addtime: 2021-09-14

swimming ring

How to choose a swimming ring?

1. Look at the thickness: look at the thickness of the swimming ring material. Products made of thin materials are generally not good because manufacturers cut corners.

2. Look at the semicolon: It depends on whether the circle is divided into large, medium, or small, you can see whether it is professional.

3. Touch the surface: smooth surface, fine workmanship, no burrs, and will not scratch your baby's skin.

4. Choose color: Choose soft colors that will not stimulate the baby's vision, otherwise it will affect the visual development.

5. Look at the details: Whether there is a special mandibular inner groove, and whether there is an anti-leak valve is the standard for judging whether it is professional.

The swimming ring has the characteristics of safety, hygiene, novelty, etc. It is a baby fitness and game product. It should be noted that the swimming ring should not be over-inflated, otherwise it may cause the danger of bursting.

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