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Why are inflatable pools so popular?
Addtime: 2022-07-29

Inflatable pools, or inflatable pools, have been popular or sold for many years. This product was very popular as soon as it was launched. Analysis of the reasons, but there are the following aspects.

1. Good adaptability to specification customization. The appearance of inflatable pools makes it possible for small and medium playground operators to operate small water play projects, which are very convenient to use. Regardless of the size of the venue, the specifications can be customized according to actual needs, which fully meets the practical needs of the majority of small and medium-sized playground operators. Almost any open space can be used in any street corner, community courtyard, or in front of a supermarket or shopping mall.

inflatable pools

2. The operation is simple and easy to retract. The volume and weight of the inflatable swimming pool customized according to the site area are also relatively easy to carry. This kind of lightness is not comparable to ordinary bracket pools. When it comes to use, it is also very simple. It only needs to be opened, and after inflating with an air pump, cover the valve, and there is no need to keep inflating.

3. Environmental protection without noise pollution. The inflatable pool is an air-tight product. After being filled with air once, the valve is covered and it can be used continuously for many days. There is no need to continuously inflate with a blower like a bouncy castle, which not only consumes electricity, but also produces noise pollution.

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