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Installation method and drainage method of inflatable pool
Addtime: 2022-06-07

How to install and use

1. Find an open, level ground, and remove sharp objects: such as broken glass, small stones, etc... Spread out the pool and tidy it up smoothly, and use an air pump to inflate the pool according to the inflation instructions. The inflation force is moderate and should not be too full, which can effectively avoid the bursting phenomenon caused by the inflation and ensure that the product is used in the best pressure state. When there is a large temperature difference between morning (night) and noon, you should pay attention to deflate or replenish air in time to avoid damage to the product due to excessive air pressure.

2. Pay attention to the required height of the water to the pool. The water level should not exceed 2/3 of the height of the pool. If the water level is too high, the pool will deform and cause rupture.

inflatable pool

Drainage method

There are two main methods of drainage in general inflatable pools.

1. Bottom drainage: You can directly open the bottom drainage outlet, or connect an external drainage pipe for drainage. This method is suitable for open-air outdoor venues.

2. Side drainage: Use an external drainage pipe and open the side drainage valve to drain the water. This method is suitable for indoor or places where a clear drainage area is required.

If the inflatable pool adopts a double-drainage design, two drains can be used for drainage at the same time, and the drainage will be more convenient and quicker.

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